Scribner Software - ZView For Windows

Scribner Software - ZView For Windows

Scribner is the direct seller for ZView® software in the United States and Canada. Customers from other regions should reach out to their local representatives for purchase.

ZView® by Scribner stands out for its superior equivalent circuit modeling capabilities. Instantly fit standard circuits and create high-quality graphs with ease. It seamlessly integrates with Scribner's measurement software and is compatible with equipment from Solartron, PAR, and other brands. ZView® enhances data analysis efficiency, allowing for optimal utilization of both your instruments and data. Its capability for simultaneous foreground-background processing enables high-speed data analysis. The software is user-friendly, featuring intuitive menus and helpful online guidance to access the most advanced EIS analysis tools.

Recognized as the premier tool for impedance data graphing and analysis, ZView® requires a license for use. Below, you will find a list of the data file types that are compatible with the software.

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Scribner ZView Software Data Sheet