Skalar SAN++ Classic/Advanced Continuous Flow Analyzers

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SAN++® Series Introduction

San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer

SAN++ Features and Applications

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  • High Accuracy Dilutions: Automatic pre- and post-dilutions for multiple sample matrices and preparation of working standards (sampler dependent).
  • Integrated Electronics: Enhances system functionality.
  • Touchscreen Control: For basic system management and maintenance prompts display.
  • Advanced Software: Full analyzer control with the FlowAccess V3 multi-tasking software package.
  • Precision Detectors: High-resolution detectors for extremely low-level detection.
  • Extended Operation: Automatic start-up and shutdown enable operation beyond regular working hours.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Skalar applications conform to standards set by ISO, EPA, Standard Methods, EBC, and ASBC.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various fields, including water, soil, plant, fertilizer, beer and malt, tobacco, food, and more.
  • Future Expandability: SAN++ Advanced can be connected to additional module holders for further expansion.
  • Modular System:
    • SAN++ Classic supports up to five chemistry modules.
    • SAN++ Advanced Supports up to six chemistry modules.


Continuous Flow Analysis popular applications:

Nitrate, Nitrite, Nitrogen (TKN)
Total UV digestable Nitrogen
Dissolved Organic Carbon
Total Phosphate
Phosphate (ortho/total)
Anionic Surfactants
Total Bicarbonate
Total Hardness
(Total) Reducing Sugars