Leancat - Fuel Cell Test Station PTS-10

Fuel Cell Test Station PTS-10

Perfectly tailored for the research and development of large-area single cells or the verification of stack design on a short-stack level, the Leancat PTS-10 offers well-defined and repeatable conditions. Its extensive scripting possibilities facilitate benchmarking of fuel cells.

  • Designed for low-temperature PEM fuel cells
  • Enables convenient testing of short stacks or large-area single cells
  • Offers automatic control of flow rate, humidity, temperature, and back pressure for anode and cathode lines
  • Provides a variety of electronic loads and potentiostats
  • Includes cell/stack temperature control with liquid cooling circuit
  • Features a robust system based on industrial PLC with data logging into SQL database
  • Equipped with safety features for fully automated operation
  • Certified with CE certificate of conformity

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