About us

Bioanalytics was founded in 2011 by Dani Shahar, a doctorate holder in Analytical Instrument Development Laboratory from Tel Aviv University, after years of working as a sales and product manager of analytical systems.

The company was founded in recognition of the market and with the full intention of providing optimal products and services to our customers. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming key partners in our scientific and industrial endeavors in Israel, through collaborative efforts and finding creative solutions for our clients.
One of Bioanalytics main features, is never-ending aspiration to improve the customer service and experience.

All of our activities are customer oriented. By being well acquainted with each customer’s application and technical requirements, we can better support their focus on the ongoing routine work.
Our offices and service lab are located in Omer Industrial Park, and we have technical representatives all over Israel, for approachable service.

Bioanalytics is also a ISO/IEC 17025:2017
accredited testing and calibration laboratory, providing certified calibration services nationwide.

We operate in three main departments that support our creed to provide a complete high standard service to our customers –

Sales – we put great effort to best characterize the requirements, to match the best solution.

Service and calibration – our biggest department, responsible for all service calls and scheduling to provide the quickest support both in the lab and on your site.

Administration and operations – making sure stock levels are right, bookkeeping is well maintained and all office requirements are supported.

All those are also covered by our quality department that regularly tests and examines the company’s practices and standards.


Service and calibration

Administration and operations


Analytical Solutions

Bioanalytics is a fresh and dynamic, customer-oriented company that specializes in providing analytical solutions to scientific laboratories.
Our team sells and installs analytical scientific equipment and provides professional technical and application services in various fields.
We operate in the industrial and academic sectors – tailoring the optimal solution for each client – from the research labs to the industry’s quality assurance laboratories.
Bioanalytics represents various manufacturers in the field, as well as markets new equipment from leading companies in the market.
We emphasize fast and optimal response to customer needs, and are dedicated to providing professional and reliable service.
We aim to provide full technical and application services in the areas of activity, while striving for professionalism at the highest level.
Bioanalytics has ISO9001:2015 standard certification and is certified as a calibration laboratory in ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
As a customer, you now have the ability to choose.
We are aware of this and therefore make every effort to justify your choice of us.


Bioanalytics has a wide and complete range of electrochemistry products – ranging from electrodes and cells, compact potentiometer systems, high current potentiometer, multi-channel potentiometer, fuel cell measurement stations and more.

Potentiometric Measurements

Our activities encompass the full potential of potentiometry, professional and courteous service.
If you need a potentiometer – feel free to contact us


The field of chromatography is complete and complete and includes the various instruments, columns and accessories

Laboratory services

We provide comprehensive calibration and repair service for products in our area of expertise, to meet the highest standards, we have passed ISO 17025 certification.