840 Fuel Cell Test System

Scribner 840 Fuel Cell Test System

The Scribner 840: A Powerful Fuel Cell Test Station for Research and Education

The 840 is a complete fuel cell test station designed for research and university programs. This user-friendly benchtop system integrates computer-controlled instruments with advanced fuel handling hardware. Capable of testing various cell sizes (small to large single cells or short stacks), the 840 offers exceptional versatility.

Building on the success of the 850 series, the 840 excels in applications requiring gas flow rates up to 12 SLPM. Key features include:

  • Dual Range Mass Flow Controllers: Precise control of anode and cathode gas flow across a wide range, perfect for RH cycling experiments.
  • Input Selector Valves: Streamlined gas switching for efficient testing procedures.
  • 16-Channel Data Acquisition Module: Capture comprehensive voltage and temperature data for thorough analysis.

The 840 incorporates Scribner's proven 890 Multi-Range Electronic Load, ensuring accurate current measurement across a broad range. Additionally, the system comes equipped with FuelCell®, the industry-leading software application renowned for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive control over station operation and experimentation.

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Scribner 840 Fuel Cell Data Sheet