Skalar SAN++ Compact Continuous Flow Analyzer

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SAN++® Series Introduction

San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer

SAN++ Features and Applications

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  • Compact and Modular Design: Supports up to 3 analytical modules.
  • Automatic Dilution: High-accuracy pre- and post-dilutions of multiple sample matrices and preparation of working standards (dependent on sampler).
  • Touchscreen Interface: Allows for basic system control and displays maintenance prompts.
  • Comprehensive Control: Managed by the FlowAccess V3 multi-tasking software package.
  • High-Resolution Detectors: Provides extreme low-level detection precision.
  • Extended Operation Hours: Automatic start-up and shutdown enable operation beyond regular working hours.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Skalar applications conform to methods set by ISO, EPA, Standard Methods, EBC, and ASBC.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for water, soil, plant, fertilizer, beer and malt, tobacco, food, and more.
  • Future Expandability: Can be extended by connecting additional module holders.

SAN++ Compact is particularly suited for testing waters, soils, fertilizer, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages such as beer, wine, and milk.

It is ideal for laboratories that require the automation of 2-3 parameters, offering a compact and cost-effective solution for routine analyses.


Continuous Flow Analysis popular applications:

Nitrate, Nitrite, Nitrogen (TKN)
Total UV digestable Nitrogen
Dissolved Organic Carbon
Total Phosphate
Phosphate (ortho/total)
Anionic Surfactants
Total Bicarbonate
Total Hardness
(Total) Reducing Sugars