Working Electrodes

אלקטרודות עבודה (Working Electrodes)

A wide range of working electrodes suitable for various electrochemical cells.

Options for platinum, gold, glassy carbon, silver, gauze, pyrolytic graphite, nickel, porous carbon, carbon paste, palladium, iron and copper electrodes.

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Working electrodes line up

Standard type: Standard electrodes can be used in SVC-2, SVC-3, VC-4 voltammetric cells
L type: PEEK long type with 110 mm length
S type: 3 mm outer diameter, used when measuring a small amount of sample
Mesh electrode: Bulk electrolysis etc. It can also be used as a counter electrode

∗ One O-ring is included as standard. There is also an optional O-ring. 002247 O-ring for CV electrode (10 pieces)
∗ For electrodes with a diameter of 10 mm, use the VC-5 mode of the SVC-2 voltammetry cell.
∗ Except for the mesh electrode, the tip of the working electrode is all flat (the carbon paste electrode should be flat when manufacturing).
∗ Regarding to the length, it is a reference value.

אלקטרודות במגוון

Platinum electrodes