Reference electrode for Non Aqueous solution (Ag/Ag+ type)

אלקטרודות רפרנס לתמיסות לא מיימיות (Ag/AgCl type)

Reference electrode for Non Aqueous solution (Ag/Ag+ type)

This electrode is silver-silver ion reference electrode for non-aqueous solution

In order to reduce the liquid junction potential, use the same solvent and supporting electrolyte, as a sample and electrode internal solution

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אלקטרודות במגוון

RE-7 Non Aqueous reference electrode (Ag/Ag+)

RE-7S Non Aqueous reference electrode (Ag/Ag+)

RE-7VT Non Aqueous reference electrode screw type (Ag/Ag+)


  1. Contents for, RE-7 Non Aqueous reference electrode (Ag/Ag+))
    • RE-7 Teflon cap with Ag wire (1 pc)
    • Sample holder dia 6mm (1 pc)
    • RE-7 Electrolyte solution (3 mL)
  2. Immerse the sample holder tip (IIPG) in an organic solvent to be used,at least for one hour.
  3. Fill the sample holder with 0.6 mL of the electrolyte solution, use the pipette and fill it carefully.
  4. If there is a presence of the air bubble on the extremity (liquid junction), flick the sample holder with the fingers.
  5. Set the Teflon cap and seal the cap with a parafilm, to avoid the evaporation of the inner solution.
    (※If the reagents will be prepared by yourself, choose a special grade reagents.)

Attention for the re-assembly

  • There is a possibility to have the precipitation of the support salt inside of the sample holder and Teflon cap, please wash with acetonitrile before re-use.
  • If the extremity tip (liquid junction IPPG) is dried, suport salt deposition will happen, blocking the holes which increases the liquid junction resistance or breaks the tip (IPPG). Keep it moistening in a solvent.
    (∗Ion Permeability Porous Glass clogging can not be recovered.)


∗RE-7VT Non Aqueous reference electrode screw type (Ag/Ag+) was designed to be used in ALS brand flow cell (CrossRadialEQCMSEC-2F), for this reason there is a possibility that it will not be compatible in another brand flow cell.

ACN: acetonitrile / TBAP: tetrabutylammonium perchlorate
IPPG: Ion Permeability Porous Glass

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