Reference electrode for alkaline solution

Reference electrode for alkaline solution

The RE-61AP reference electrode is a reference electrode for Alkaline solutions electrochemistry.

the RE-61AP  Alkaline reference electrode internal reference system is made of Hg/HgO instead of calomel paste, and 1 M sodium hydroxide is used as an electrolyte solution. It is used under high pH environment as reference electrode.

the electrode material is made of High Chemical resistance polymer, and the reference membrane is a ceramics.

Also, potassium hydroxide solution can be used as a internal solution, instead of sodium hydroxide solution.

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RE-61AP Reference electrode for alkaline solution

RE-61AP is the new model of RE-6AP.
The resistance to alkaline solution has been improved.

The electrode holder is delivered empty, to be filled with 1 M NaOH aqueous solutions by the user.
Please pay attention to handling.

Holder material: Polymethylpentene, for the high chemical resistance is used.

Main body: Screw type to be removable

Liquid junction: Ceramic tip

∗Keep the reference electrode in a cold dark place.

∗1 M NaOH solution used in this electrode is not provided, also we do not supply.

Reference potential
HgO + H2O + 2e = Hg + 2OH
E0=118 mV vs RHE (25 deg C)
∗ The reference potential is the measured value using RHEK reversible hydrogen electrode kit (Cat. No. 013597).