Glassy Carbon Range

Glassy Carbon Rod, Plate, Film, Powder and Electrodes

Glassy carbon, also called vitreous carbon, is an advanced material of pure carbon combining glassy and ceramic properties with these of graphite. Unlike graphite, glassy carbon has a fullerene-related microstructure. This leads to a great variety of unique material properties.

All of the products below  are available in different dimensions.

Also avilable: Crucibles, Boats, Tubes and Dental Crucibles.


  • High-purity
  • Excellent Stability as high as at 3,000 °C in vacuum / at 500 °C in the air
  • Well Inert against Chemical erosion
  • Impermeability to Gas and Solution
  • Significant Hardness / Strength
  • Brings Fine surface condition after polishing
  • Favorable electric conducting property
  • Dielectric characteristics in High-frequency
  • Highly Resistant against Inorganic and Organic salts
  • Good Bio-Compatibility
  • Isotropic Physical/Chemical properties

Glassy carbon Rod


Size range available for customized product

  • diameter from 1 to 10 mm
  • length until 800 mm



Glassy carbon Plate

Glassy carbon plate​

Size range available for customized product

  • within 300 x 300 mm, thickness of 0.3, 0.5 and 1 to 6 mm

Glassy carbon Film

Glassy carbon​ film

Size range available for customized product

  • within 100 x 100 mm
  • thickness of 60, 100 and 140 µm

Glassy carbon Powder

Glassy carbon powder

Glassy carbon Working Electrode

Glassy carbon working electrode​