Teledyne ISCO Webinar: Discovery and Optimization of New Anti-migraine Peptides Confirmation

Teledyne ISCO Webinar Series:
Peptide Discovery and optimization
Using Flash Chromatography

Discovery and Optimization of New Anti-migraine Peptides. 
applications for preparative chromatography
Flash Chromatography
Preparative HPLC

The identification in recent years of the strong connection between neuroactive peptides and migraine has greatly incentivized further research and development of small protein molecules for treatment and prevention of this debilitating disorder. Correspondingly the demand for more efficient methods of purifying peptides has increased, especially in reversed phase chromatography, which has been shown to be very well suited to the task with excellent recovery and resolution. Reverse phase method development for this application, however, requires careful consideration of key parameters such as sample loading and stationary phase particle size.

Preparative chromatography techniques such as  – Flash Chromatography and Preparative HPLC will be discussed.

Dr. Christopher R. Coxon, Institute of Chemical Sciences, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University,  Edinburgh, UK. Dr. Coxon is also one of the co-authors of our Flash Chromatography Application Note AN115:

“Reversed Phase Flash Chromatography Purification of Peptide-Peptoid Hybrids.”

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