Teledyne ISCO Webinar: Basics of Preparative Chromatography

:Teledyne ISCO Webinar Series
Basics of Preparative Chromatography

Unlike the Analytical Chromatography, the goal of preparative chromatography ( Prep HPLC and Flash Chromatography) is to produce  pure compound from the crude sample as easily as possible in the most economical way, ultimately depositing the sample into a sample collector vessel.

Teledyne ISCO is Specialized in Preparative Chromatography – from the Crude sample and Flash Separations, up to the Preparative HPLC systems.

  • in this webinar, Analytical chromatography and preparative chromatography are defined.
  • we will go over Key differences between analytical and preparative chromatography, especially Analytical and Preparative HPLC.
  • How solvent choice affects retention and selectivity.
  • Using modifiers to improve preparative LC results.
  • Method development in preparative HPLC, including isocratic vs. gradient method.

From this 45-minute presentation plus interactive Q&A session, attendees will gain strong insight into the most important factors affecting preparative applications, including the effect of buffered media on purification results, how the right injection choices will improve the process, and basic troubleshooting techniques.

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