SKALAR SP2000 Multi Parameter Water Robotic Analyzer

Robotic EC / pH / titrations / turbidity / color / ISE analysis

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The Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 robotic platform offers dedicated and flexible automation solutions for routine analytical testing. Automation is available for a variety of applications. The modular design and flexible user-defined automation has an increased productivity  & accuracy of results, while reducing the sample turn-around time.

The instruments can be built with one or two robotic arms giving a total of 8 independent movable manipulators. With this second arm it is for instance possible to increase the sample throughput by using multiple probes or to perform two applications at the same time such as BOD and COD or other combinations. The complete platform is enclosed with a protective front and side covers to comply with applicable CE regulations. 

The SP2000 platforms are upgradeable and can be modified according your changing needs, making your initial investment even more valuable.


• Automatic barcode scanning for sample ID check and to gain the analysis parameters
• Automatic capping and de-capping
• In-line sample filtration (clean samples) or external via paperband filter allowing analysis of particle laden water samples
• Automatic stirring
• Automatic rinsing of probe, stirrer, draining needle, filters and flow through cells
• Result calculation
• Dual titrator, for higher sample throughput
• Unattended overnight analysis