SKALAR SP2000 COD Robotic Analyzer

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The Skalar’s sophisticated SP2000 robotic platform offers dedicated and flexible automation solutions for routine analytical testing.

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis is commonly used to determine the amount of organic pollutants found in surface water and waste water. The COD value is a useful indicator for measuring the water quality. Skalar's SP2000 analyzers can be configured to automate  COD according to the sealed tube (ST-COD) method ISO 15705 and EPA 410.4 or to the classical titration method ISO 6060

The ST-COD Method:

The ST-COD method enhances the traditional Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) testing process by using photometric detection instead of titration, significantly reducing analysis time.
This method employs pre-prepared reagent tubes, minimizing exposure to toxic chemicals.
It can integrate pH and Conductivity measurements for automated sample preparation, with software selecting the optimal test kit range based on the sample’s EC value.
Sample dilution and pH adjustment can also be performed prior to analysis.
Following ISO 6060 standards, post-digestion samples are cooled and automatically titrated with iron ammonium-sulfate in the SP2000 system to calculate the remaining oxidizing agent, determining the COD value efficiently and safely.

What Can The SP2000 COD Analyzer Automate

The SP2000 ST-COD analyzer automates:
• Sample tube pick up
• Sample tube capping and de-capping
• Pipetting of the sample
• Sample mixing
• Sample positioning in heating reactor
• Sample homogenizing
• Photometric measurement COD concentration