SKALAR Block Digester for Solid samples

בלוק עיכול מבית SKALAR הולנד.

The Skalar digestion system for Solid samples

The Skalar digestion system consists of a digestion
block, for either 20 tubes of 250 ml or 42 tubes of
75 ml, and a separate compact 4 step controller with
individual temperature adjustment. The high quality of
the materials used and up to the minute technology
assures accurate safe controlled heating. The system
has been designed for easy handling and for a long
productive life with minimum maintenance. The
system can be completed with an exhaust system and
a scrubber to neutralize acid fumes.

Skalar’s extensive application laboratory and library
provides a full method back up service including
information on other Skalar automated laboratory


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Digester system for conventional acid digestion
such as: Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
Total phosphate
Heavy metals
Chemical oxygen demand etc.

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