Teledyne ISCO Prep HPLC ACCQPrep HP150​ Introduction

ACCQPrep HP150 Introduction

Best Preparative HPLC for your  lab

the most advanced Preparative HPLC system in the market – equipped with powerful Preparative HPLC pumps (total four piston pump heads), and integral fraction collector and user interface.

With ease of purification in mind, the user-friendly ACCQPrep HP150 eliminates unnecessary and complex method parameters found in many of the Preparative HPLC systems in today’s market.

Our PeakTrak® software, designed with the user in
mind, is the basis for controlling the ACCQPrep HP150.

The integrated software, eliminates the need for a stand-alone PC. This results in a more compact unit with a touch screen interface. Software evolves with user needs and updates are always free.

מערכת כרומטוגרפיה פרפרטיבית מבית טלדין איסקו, קומפקטית ואינטואיטיבית

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Focused Gradient_ Prep HPLC
נגן וידאו

The Focused Gradient Generator, part of the ACCQPrep software update, will save you time and money while it improves your separations. See how it automatically generates a focused gradient on the peak you chose. It’s the fastest and simplest way for Prep HPLC Method Development.

AccqPrep 150 is an innovative Preparative HPLC system for polishing preparative chromatography separations.

The superior performance for the preparative separations is achieved due to the system built in features:

  • highest quality Preparative HPLC pumps for binary high pressure gradient,
  • integral Fraction collector
  • Integral friendly user interface 
  • UV- Vis detector (Diode Array)
  • optional ELSD – Evaporative Light Scattering Detector
  • powerful software
  • optional automation

לפרטים נוספים והצעת מחיר, מלא את הפרטים למטה

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