Teledyne ISCO Webinar: Flash Method Development from TLC Plates

Teledyne ISCO Webinar Series:
Flash Method Development from TLC Plates

Pre-screening compounds with Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) prior to flash purification is an excellent way to save time, solvent, and samples, by using TLC results to directly extrapolate flash methods

  • Learn about:
  • · Ideal retention times for flash chromatography
  • · Why the best retention for  preparative purposes is not the best for TLC
  • · How to ensure TLC plates are being run correctly
  • · Solvent selection for your target compound
  • · Visualization techniques—seeing spots more clearly on TLC plates
  • · How to rapidly convert TLC results into flash chromatography methods

From this 45-minute presentation plus interactive Q&A session, attendees will gain stronger insight into the relationship between TLC and flash techniques, how to leverage this into faster and more accurate method development, and how to quickly troubleshoot common method development problems.

יום חמישי 18.02.2021 שעה: 15:00
מיקום: אצלך בשולחן העבודה


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