Webinar: Introduction to spectroelectrochemistry

ALS - Japan Electrochemical Webinar
Introduction to spectroelectrochemistry

Introduction to spectroelectrochemistry and
   basic measurement examples using the SEC2020 spectrometer system

Topic of the webinar

It is often difficult to understanding the phenomenon that actually occurs at the electrode/solution interface simply by measuring the relationship between the electric current and the amount of electricity and the electric potential. Therefore, spectroelectrochemical methods that simultaneously combine spectroscopic methods to perform electrochemical measurements have been developed.

The basic principles, measurement methods, and information obtained by the Spectroelectrochemistry technique will be described, focusing on the basic spectroelectrochemical methods in the ultraviolet and visible regions that are mainly used.

We will also show you how to set up the SEC2020   spectrometer system designed for Spectroelectrochemistry

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