ISEL – BioAnalytics – Electrochemistry Workshop 2022

Electrochemistry Workshop 2022

Workshop take place in 22/02/2022

ISEL together with BioAnalytics Ltd and Palmsens BV invite you to a one-day,

hands-on Workshop for Practical Electrochemistry.

The workshop will focus on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

(EIS) and cyclic voltammetry measurements. It will include lectures and
on-hands training on Palmsens potentiostats.

The presentations will be given by Dr. Lutz Stratmann from Palmsens BV and by ISEL members.

The Workshop will take place on 22 in February 2022 in Lehavim, southern Israel.

The registration fee is 250 NIS. It provides full participation in the
workshop, lunch and refreshments.

Registration Is Close


registration payment is obligatory in order to save your place in the workshop.

there is a limited capacity due to the limitation of available workplaces.

Payment can be made by one of the two ways:

About the Venue:

the southern local workplace.

 can accommodate up to 60 people and has a
train station very near (direct line to Tel Aviv etc).


BioAnalytics will be responsible for the transportation of the "last mile" from Train station to the workshop venue. 


למידע נוסף ניתן ליצור איתנו קשר :

Wide range of electrochemical instrumentation

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