GC analysis contaminations in Dry Pasta

אפליקציה מעניינת של מכון מחקר באיטליה,

מציג זיהומים בפסטה שמגיעים מאריזת הקרטון שלה.

התוצאות שעולות מהמחקר הזה מעט מטרידות.

זיהומים מאריזת הקרטון הממוחזר עוברים למזון עצמו וכדאי לקרוא למחקרים נוספים בנושא, שיכולים להשפיע על בריאות הצרכנים.


Migration of undesirable hydrocarbon
contaminants such as diisopropyl naphthalene (DIPN) and Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons (MOHs) can occur in food during its shelf life (Lorenzini et al. 2013).
It has been recently recognized that exposure to MOHs via packaging could contribute significantly to the total exposure to these contaminants and may pose a human health hazard, which has not yet been fully elucidated (EFSA 2012).


In the present work, migration of MOHs and DIPN from recycled paperboard boxes in direct contact with dry pasta (both semolina and egg pasta) has been monitored during shelf life at regular times (up to two years). Since some paperboard boxes were sealed with a hot-melt adhesive, the contribution
due to the migration of PAO from this adhesive was also evaluated.


which has not yet been fully elucidated (EFSA 2012).

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