Ion Chromatography Columns

Ion Chromatography Columns

Columns for the analysis of anions and cations

Shodex Columns fit various Ion Chromatography systems, such as Metrohm and Thermo (dionex).

Shodex offers a comprehensive range of ion chromatography (IC) columns designed to meet various analytical needs.

These columns support both non-suppressor and suppressor methods, providing flexibility based on specific analysis requirements and the types of ions being studied.

Constructed from Polyhydroxymethacrylate or Polyvinyl alcohol, Shodex columns ensure reliable performance in ion exchange chromatography.

They are widely used in biochemistry for the separation of proteins, peptides, amino acids, DNA, and RNA

Shodex columns are compatible with both Hydroxide and Carbonate eluents.
They are suitable for anion suppressor methods using sodium carbonate eluent and are effective for the quantitative analysis of fluoride ions.

The SI-50 4E column specializes in separating target inorganic anions from organic acids, while the SI-52 4E column enables simultaneous analysis of oxyhalides and general inorganic ions without interference from the carbonate peak.

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IC SI-series

Anion analysis for Ion Chromatography  suppressor methods with carbonate eluent

IC SI-90 4E
IC SI-50 4E
IC SI-52 4E
IC SI-35 4D
IC SI-35 2B

  • Quaternary ammonium groups
  • Polyvinyl alcohol particles
  • PEEK housing
  • Particle sizes of 3.5 µm, 5 µm, or 9 µm
  • Suitable for general inorganic ions and oxyhalides

IC SI-36 4D
IC SI-37 4D

Anion analysis for Ion Chromatography suppressor methods  with hydroxide eluent

  • Quaternary ammonium groups
  • Polyvinyl alcohol particles
  • PEEK housing
  • 3.5 µm particle size
  • Effective separation of sulfite and sulfate ions
  • Analyzes seven general inorganic anions within 30 minutes under isocratic conditions
  • Suitable for NaOH or KOH eluent

IC YS-50
IC YK-421

Cation analysis for Ion Chromatography suppressor and non-suppressor methods

  • Carboxyl groups
  • Polyvinyl alcohol or silica particles
  • Steel housing
  • 5 µm particle size
  • Suitable for analyzing alkylamines and transition metals
  • IC YS-50 offers superior performance compared to IC YK-421

IC NI-424
IC I-524A

Anion analysis for Ion Chromatography non-suppressor methods

  • Quaternary ammonium groups
  • Polyhydroxymethacrylate particles
  • Steel housing
  • IC I-524A meets USP L23 requirements
  • IC NI-424 offers superior performance compared to IC I-524A

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Ion Chromatography

There are two types of Ion Chromatography methods: The suppressor method and non-suppressor method.

Shodex carries columns suitable for both types. As the name tells, the suppressor method uses a suppressor which removes ions that interfere with analytes measurement. The suppressor system is expensive, but some say the sensitivity of suppressor method is superior to non-suppressor method. In contrast, system required for non-suppressor method is cheaper, but the useable solvent is limited to the ones with low conductivity such as phthalic acid.

Suppressor Type Ion Chromatography Column
Shodex IC SI-90 and SI-50 are the suppressor type anion chromatography columns. SI-50 is the higher performance type of SI-90. SI-52 is another suppressor type column suitable for the separation of oxyhalides.

Non-Suppressor Type Ion Chromatography Column
Shodex IC I-524A and NI-424 are the non-suppressor type anion chromatography columns. NI-424 is the higher performance type of I-524A.

Shodex IC YK-421 and YS-50 are the non-suppressor type cation chromatography columns. YS-50 is the higher performance type of YK-421. They can separate both monovalent and divarent cations simultaneously.