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Manually testing with test kits could be extremely time consuming, very repetitive and potentially hazardous due to the risks associated with exposure to chemicals.

Therefore, for years, Skalar has provided an automated solution for the analysis of various water samples with test kits. The SP2000 robotic platform is unique as it can integrate test kits and spectrophotometers from many major manufacturers.

The SP2000 robot automates all the necessary handling steps of the photometric test kit procedure, such as sample pipetting, (de)-capping, addition of reagents, mixing, heating, cooling and measurement.

The flexibility and versatility of the robot is best illustrated in its ability to be configured for small volumes all the way up to batches of 192 samples! Multiple reactors and barcode reading mean the instrument can be configured for the analysis of one test kit application or for multiple test kit applications in one run, allowing parameters such as COD, total phosphate, total nitrogen to be combined easily. The integration of a second de-capping/capping device makes it possible to open/close sample vials as well, which immediately saves the operator valuable time. 

Additionally, the SP2000 test kit analyzer offers extended automatic sample pre- and post-dilution functions as well as pH and EC measurement prior to test kit analysis. With the EC value of the sample, the measurement range for COD analysis of the sample can be selected and/or a pre-dilution is performed. Qualifying the sample prior to analysis can yield significant cost savings as it prevents using incorrect measurement ranges and therefore avoids post-dilution, extra analysis time and wasting test kit reagents and consumables. 

Advantages of automating your test kit analysis:

Complete "walk-away" automation: mixing, heating, addition of reagents, reagent & sample tube (de)-capping, sample pipetting, cooling and photometric measurement.

Combined automation for ST-COD, TN, TP, Ammonium, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phenol index etc.

Possibility to integrate certain tests requiring solid reagent addition (puncturing of cap and dissolution of reagent capsule)

Automatic sample pre- and post dilution functions

User-friendly, no contact with toxic or corrosive reagents

ST-COD analysis in accordance with ISO 15705 and EPA 410.4

Flexible, compatible with different types of photometers and reaction tubes

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