ACCQPrep SFC – Super Critical Fluid Preparative Chromatography

Preparative Super Critical Fluid Chromatography

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Preparative Super Critical Fluid Chromatography

מערכת להפרדות פרפרטיביות על ידי שילוב CO2

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SFC: Super Critical Fluid

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מתקיים ביום רביעי 19-1-2022

שעה 15:00

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Preparative Super Critical Fluid

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The ACCQPrep®​ SFC is a compact system that simplifies method complexity and ensures successful separations for users of all experience levels. As the only system to enable both bulk collection from stacked injections, and multi-sample, open-access with an optional SFC AutoSampler (2×2 or 4×2), the ACCQPrep SFC offers versatility without limitations; all in the smallest Prep SFC footprint on the market.
Stacked injections increase throughput by performing additional injections, while compounds from previous injections elute. The PeakTrak® software’s Stacked Injection Wizard intelligently determines cycle time and fraction collection settings, automatically suggests “time windows” for collection of desired peaks, and injection simulation assists the user in visualizing the effect of method modifications.
Because the dynamic nature of supercritical CO2 requires accurate flow control and back pressure regulation, the ACCQPrep SFC has a robust CO2 pumping system paired with an advanced mass-flow controller and automated backpressure regulation. Prior to fraction and waste collection, the patented Gas-Liquid Separator (GLS) minimizes carryover, resists clogging, and permits high cosolvent flow. Finally, a standard fractionation valve sorts collection into up to eight vessels or output to 2×2 or 4×2 SFC AutoSampler for full open-bed
fraction collection with >95% recovery up to 200 mL/min.

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